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Transport Week in Innsbruck

23 June 201427 June 2014
Experts from all over Europe discuss transport strategies in the Alpine region. Welcome Transport Week in Innsbruck 23 to 27 June 2014 High-level European transport experts meet at the Transport Week 2014 in Innsbruck organized by the Land Tyrol. Five days of interesting events hosted by the Regional Government of Tyrol offer the possibility to discuss transport strategies in the Alpine region.

Within the Transport Forum of the iMonitraf! project steering transport strategies like toll surcharges could be discussed on Tuesday 24 June. On the following day the session “Strengthen the Railway“ presented by the Brenner Railway Action Group focuses on the questions how cargo transport via rail can be supported and how transports can be shifted from road to rail.

Moreover “SWIFTLY Green“ is a EU-funded project aiming at developing recommendations and guidelines for more environmentally friendly transports of goods along the transit corridors. In this context available tools for greener transport options will be discussed on Thursday 26 June. 

Whereas the events on Monday and Friday are non-public, interested parties are cordially invited to attend the Transport Week 2014 from Tuesday until Thursday. 

The detailed programme and the registration can be found at