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Hello there Magnus Swahn at NTM, Network for Transport Measures...

18 June 2015
...responsible for the toolbox portal in the Swiftly Green project. The main goal for the project is to develop a toolbox. What´s the purpose of this? Overall we see major challenges in Europe to ensure sufficient capacity and reliability in the freight transport system since transport demands increase and infrastructure is scarce. In addition, climate and environmental concern increases which requires new solutions.


Therefore, we believe that transport corridors are one way of meeting these two demands. Performance needs however to be monitored in order to develop the corridors in the right direction. This is where the tools are needed. Among other things, they aim to measure status as well as progress towards more sustainable transport operation.   

A draft of the Swiftly Green toolbox was presented at a conference  organized by European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) together with Swedish stakeholders and in close cooperation with the European Commission (DG MOVE) in Sweden, last month, did you receive any interesting response on this first launch? 

Yes, this was the first time we presented the overall picture in public of what we want to accomplish in terms of support to the transport corridor coordinators and others that need support for following their status and progress. We held two similar presentations and the participant were very interested and came up with good feedback and I think we awoke some positive expectations on the project. 

What´s the next step in the development of the Swiftly Green Toolbox?
Right now it is hard work to finalize all the included elements that is required. At the same time it is very important to communicate our progress. Therefore it is presently a double focus in the project. To focus on development and finalization meanwhile we are communicating frequently. Coming events where we will communicate are the TEN-T days in Riga and the conference Physical Internet in Paris in the beginning of July.

The final conference will take place in November, where the toolbox will be presented and discussed. What do you see in the future concerning the toolbox when the Swiftly Green project is finished?
A key element we have discussed in the project is an ambition to launch a new phase of the toolbox portal when the official project is finalized. This is challenging since very few EU-funded projects have transformed into a regular ongoing operation before. For this reason we are presently developing a business plan for a three year period after project end 2015.