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Large expectations on the SWIFTLY Green project

17 December 2013
The kick-off conference held in Gothenburg 28 November for the European greening transport project Swiftly Green was a big success. The Swiftly Green project is in the spotlight and the event underlined its importance for the future development of the TEN-T core network corridors.

The Swiftly green project aims by the end of 2015 to deliver tools and recommendations to the EU Commission for greening the transport corridors in Europe.

The message from both EU Commission and other on-going EU projects in the area, was “Do not invent the wheel, use and build on sustainable solutions and research already carried out”. Much important research and reports have already been produced, but now it’s time to focus on and look on the implementation.

About 60 stakeholders from the public and private sector and representatives from several relevant EU-projects participated actively in the presentations and the workshop at the conference. Experiences from, among others, SuperGreen, CLYMA and Rail Baltica (RBGC) projects were shared. Gudrun Schulze, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, (DG MOVE), was a much-appreciated speaker and gave valuable advice to partners in the Swiftly Green project.

“Swiftly Green is a project expected to advance the know-how related to a sustainable transport system”, said Gudrun Schulze.

Ms Schulze also pointed out that the Swiftly Green project is an initiative that brings together a wealth of experience, through the wide range of stakeholders on board. The Swiftly Green project consists of 13 partners representing an attractive mix of end-users, researchers and important authorities.

”We are very pleased with the mix of partners in the project and hope to connect with several more interesting organizations along the way”, says Jerker Sjögren, CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park, Lead Partner in the Swiftly Green project.

Many of the activities in Swiftly Green has already started and the success of the project will depend on active engagement from the partners but also other stakeholders and projects in Europe during the coming two years.

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